26 Oct EXCLUSIVE QLD Police Service Offer

This is an exclusive offer to active and retired members of the Queensland Police Service.

As gratitude for your service, Cube would like to exclusively offer the following FREE SERVICES to members of the Queensland Police Service:
Tax assessment – maximising possible tax deductions etc.
Any and all questions or advice relating to your current Q Super funds.
Salary packaging, such as motor vehicles etc.
Personal budgeting.
Home loans, debt structures mortgage and personal finance.


I am Tim Rychvalsky, the Principal at Cube. We are a specialist taxation and investment advisory firm operating in Caboolture for over 20 years. My younger brother has been an active member of the Queensland Police for over 10 years and I have numerous friends and clients who are current and retired members of the Queensland Police Service.
Recent changes to legislation governing taxation, lending and superannuation have a direct impact on you and your family. Recently Q Super, traditionally the primary source of financial information for Queensland Police Officers and government employees, have altered the way in which they provide financial advice, the areas in which they provide that advice and the fees which they charge for advice. These changes have not been made with malice or intent however, overall these changes have made it far more expensive and considerably more difficult to receive appropriate advice.
In gratitude for what you do we want to give back what we can.
We also deliver Information Sessions each year on a range of topics. These sessions are completely free to members of the Queensland Police Service.
The sessions cover such areas as:

Discharging home loans years earlier.
Tax structuring to discharge debt.
Using investment properties to discharge Home loans.
Purchasing an investment property for as little as $20 per week.
Utilising superannuation to purchase investment property.
Understanding Q Super.
Retirement – how much do you need?
Understanding transition to retirement.
Salary packaging – novated lease etc.

We understand that with shift work attending such sessions can be difficult at best. We are therefore asking for expressions of interest in running a series of session exclusively for QLD police. The sessions would be run over a number of dates and times to fit in with shift requirements.
We are also offering individual session bookings for those with families that would be interested in this information. We will present the session at our office where little ones of all sizes are very welcome.
We thank you for your service and wish to offer these services as a token of our gratitude.
If we can be of assistance or you wish to express interest in a group or individual information session, please email or call me.

Thank you,