Financial Planning

Financial planning is more than numbers and figures: it’s about choices. Understanding those choices is what can turn your dreams into reality. We have a firm focus on identifying the defining the choices that matter to you.


There are a number of components involved in developing a financial strategy. It is imperative to fully understand how each of these components will affect your financial position, both now and into the future. We believe that knowledge and experience are the cornerstones of good decision-making, so we ensure that client education is an integral part of our client service package. The key components to gaining understanding of your financial circumstance are:


  • Cash flow. “Cash is King”. No more accurate a statement has even been written. The central focus of every financial strategy is cash flow.


  • Investment assets. Investment assets are simply a means to an end. Too often investment assets are selected prior to the construction of the underlying strategy. Appropriate asset selection occurs after all other components are in place and the decision must be governed by narrowly defined financial parameters.


  • Debt, Borrowing, Leverage. One of the most powerful weapons within any financial design is the ability to borrow money: to leverage existing or new assets provide significant advantage that can exponentially increase the overall result. Carefully designed and managed debt structures are imperative to financial success.


  • Taxation and tax structuring. The most important component in every financial strategy is taxation and appropriate tax structuring. The first step is always the identification of goals and objectives: however the next step must always be the design of the taxation and tax structuring applicable for those objectives. Poor tax planning will undermine every financial strategy no matter how well designed.


  • Super means retirement. The modern superannuation system offers enormous opportunities both for retirement but can also be utilised for immediate benefits something most are not aware of.


  • Asset protection/risk mitigation. “The only guarantees in life are death and taxes”. In our experience, things don’t always go to plan. Good asset protection and risk mitigation can present financial disaster. You can’t stop things going wrong but you can stop their financial impact.


  • Social Security/government subsidies benefits and rebates. Both state and federal governments within Australia offer substantial incentive programs for both individuals and groups. Understanding how to leverage those opportunities can provide both immediate and long-term benefits


Understanding these components and their impact upon your position helps you make better choices. At Cube, we specialise in providing advice across the full spectrum of financial affairs. Experience, knowledge, and client education ensure that our processes work to give you the best results.