Self Managed Superannuation

Self-managed superannuation, like all forms of super, is a tax treatment of money that provides you with the opportunity to save for retirement. Self-managed super is often considered too complication for the average individual to pursue: this is, however, a common misconception.


Self-managed superannuation offers you the opportunity to take control of your superannuation investment decisions. Yes, there is an additional degree of responsibility to SMSF than with a retail or industry fund, but in our experience the additional input is minimal and certainly negated by the vast degree of the benefits achieved through a SMSF structure.


Self-managed super funds allow investors to utilise a wide range of investment options, direct shares, collectable assets, residential property, commercial property, owner occupied commercial property, cash, term deposit, and fixed interest options. You can completely control all of these elements with the assistance of a professional advisor.


At Cube, we specialise in self-managed superannuation funds and are industry leaders in the area of limited recourse borrowing (borrowing to purchase investment properties).


Within the Cube team we can meet all of your ongoing self managed superannuation fund needs:



Initial setup and consultation

Investment strategies

Asset selection

Rollover and implementation of the fund initially and ongoing

Structuring employer, personal and regular contributions – pre-and post tax as well is lump-sum

Tax return and compliance

Auditing and administration

Review and structuring

Estate planning

Risk management and asset protection

Limited recourse borrowing

Investment property

Direct shares